Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Strait's Go HOLY!

Hi everyone,

As many of you may know, Chris and I have a crazy schedule with work, school, and managing the boys. It's very easy to forget whats important and how to manage time for each other. We are a great team together but sometimes we forget about what it as like before the boys and how to make each other smile and laugh.

So recently we bought the relationship workbook by Dr. Phil and began scheduling time to do the exercises in the book. it has really opened our eyes on how each other feels about different things we manage in our lives, the reflection we feel about ourselves, and how we interpret each other. It has been a very eye opening experience.

Along with that, I had lunch with a friend last week who also recently had her first baby, and we began talking about the time challenges and keeping the fire alive so to speak when it comes to relationships with our husbands.

She had mentioned to me that they had been experiencing some of the same things Chris and I had, and suggested we go to church. She said when her and her husband began doing that, it reconnected them. But not only that, they have been making friends, and even had more things to talk about with one another, and really keeping the topic from church alive throughout the week.

Well, since then I have put the thought of church in the back of my head, not knowing how to even go about looking for one. Chris grew up Baptist, I went to Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic at one point, Christian, etc. ( i was never baptized but liked going to all kinds of churches) and so finding a church that would compliment both of us seemed overwhelming for me.

Well, today I was going through our weekly mail, sifting out the junk, making my usual shred piles, collecting the bills.... I stumbled upon a flyer that REALLY looked like an add to join a golf club or something, but something told me to flip it over, and it was a flyer for Christ's Church of the Valley in Scottsdale.

I was very curious and decided to check out their website. I immediately fell in love with the way they displayed themselves on the web, the modern worship services with a casual dress code. Talking about everyday issues, and even having extra curricular activities so Chris and I could join a kick ball team, engage in BBQ's, exercise classes, reasonable service times at 9:30 and 11:15,and even a day care center!

So I gave them a call and sure enough, the church is a non-denominational church and just seemed perfect for us.

Well, enough said! I guess it's God's way of calling to us! So guess what, our first family church experience is this Sunday!

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Gretchen said...

let me know how it goes!! so wonderful to hear how you realize that marriage and family takes honest to goodness hard work :-) You guys are going to have such an amazing life and family (well you do now, but it will just get better and better!).

thanks for the great post.